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Finding Right Footwear from the assessment

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Discuss how to recover from a race or long run.

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Find out your running type and help you with improvement

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Discuss your energy and nutrition intake and how we can help improve your running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to book an appoinment?

NO – we don’t make appointments for gait analysis, you can walk in to our stores between open hours, however during busier times there may be a small wait, where you can browse the rest of the store.

How long does a Gait analysis take?

The gait analysis process will take between 15 to 30 minutes. It will depend on how many shoes you wish to try on the treadmill.

What do i need to bring, or what should i wear?

Bring your Currunt Running shoes with you, and wear something comfortable to run in the treadmill,

What happens during a Gait analysis?

The process of a gait analysis, starts with finding out about your running history, Problems in you biomechancis and goals, then taking you through the assessment on our treadmill. We will video your running gait and slow down the footage frame by frame to gauge what is happening with your Gait/ running style.

How much does Gait analysis cost?

Gait analysis will cost £45, you will have £15 discount when you buy the running shoes from us.

Do i have to run fast?

Not super fast, we do need to see you normal running in action, you can go at your regular running speed. Whatever you feel comfortable at, our staff will help you and talk you through the process.

Why should you get an Natterjack Running Gait analysis?

We have been doing Gait analysis for over 10 years and have helped thousands of runners in that time. we have Great product offering and Qualified experienced staff. More than the gait analysis, you can browse our store for everything you might need to achieve your running goals.

Why do runners need Gait analysis?

Runners need a gait analysis so you can buy RIGHT running footwear. and keep on pushing those miles pain and worry free, Being able to test a range of running shoes in our store and being taken through the process by our expert qualified staff helps you learn more about your running and sets you off towards your next running goal! You don’t have to take our word for it though just ask the thousands of happy runners that we have helped find the ideal running shoes for them.

Do i need to get my Gait analysis everytime i buy running shoes?

Yes, we recommend getting your gait analysed every time you are purchasing a pair of running shoes. This is because many things can affect your running gait over time. Previous injuries, inconsistent and high endurance training, and even pregnancy can subtly change the way your body moves and how you run.

My physiotherapist/Podiatrist has told me to get my Gait analysis done, what should i do?

We often get customer in store who are referred to us by healthcare professionals. All you need to do is let a staff member know you would like a gait analysis, and brief explanation of the probloem you are having on your Gait.

How To Reach Us!

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